I Want to Add to My Rally Registration!

So you already registered for the Square Route Rally but realized you forgot to buy an XXXL tee shirt, add a passenger, purchase a guided battlefield tour, reserve a bunkhouse bed, or just specify a vegetarian meal.

How do you add that?

Just open up the Rally Registration Page and select the missing parts. Leave the counter at zero for what you already bought and click the "Submit" button.

Example: I just want a tee shirt. Go to the Rally Registration Page and click the quantity of the shirts you want. Leave all the other values at zero. Fill out the required fields (name, email, waiver, etc.) and click the "Submit" button. You will just pay for the shirts. Make sure you use the same email address as when you registered!.

Example: My kid agreed to go with me. Go to the Rally Registration Page and select a passenger or child, depending on the age. As long as the email is the same as the first time you registered, our advanced AI (aged intelligence) will merge your records.

See you at the rally!