UCLEAR 100 Communicator

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UCLEAR 100 Communicator

Postby markap » Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:47 pm

I have a Nolan 104 and recently added the UCLEAR 100. Paired very easily to my iPhone 4s. Music is excellent, telephone functions and clarity is very good. Bike to bike intercom good to at least 40 feet (Use the phone after that). The 100 ($134.99) pairs to just one other UCLEAR at a time while the 200 will pair to up to 10 units. The 200 ($179 apparently can act as a relay and extend communications to 10 x 40 or 400+ feet. My brother also has the UCLEAR 100 and paired it to a Samsung with no problems.

Nice compact unit, no boom mike, just ear pieces with what they call a "beam microphone" - standard mini USB plug for recharging. Very clear music up to around 50mph or so then wind noise intrudes a bit with the foamie ear plugs I use. I have used the music and phone but not the intercom yet. Separate volume levels for each funciton, easy to use. I like it very much - one year "no questions warranty" from Cycle Gear (Laurel & Springfield) and they even installed and checked it out for me for free!

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