2021 Rally UPDATES!

Planning for and information about the 2021 Square Route Rally. We are planning on having it.
Always the first week in June, including the Friday. In 2021, that is the same week as Memorial day.

Re: 2021 Rally UPDATES!

Postby bdimon » Fri May 28, 2021 11:46 pm

Pre-registration is over and the prices went up. The guided tour is sold out but I will ask about paying a surcharge to add more people.
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Re: 2021 Rally UPDATES!

Postby jcabiles » Sat May 29, 2021 11:32 am

eap wrote:VOLUNTEERS OPPORTUNITIES:Can’t do it without you! [/color]To sign up, post here and/or Email rally@bmwbmw.org, Include 'Volunteer' in the subject line!
-REGISTRATION TEAM (Lead Mark Pledger, table and rally packets set up, greet and register guest etc.)
-Field Events (e.g. Slow Race) Coordinator – needed
-HYDRATION TEAM (keep Igloos filled with Lemonade, Ice Tea, Water
-SITE LOGISTICS (SET UP/TEAR DOWN CREWS: event signs, activity board, table/chairs, check shower, event signage, remove trash and recyclables, stuff!...
-KITCHEN CREW – Chile Sous Chefs with Chef Ed Pfister
-RIDES CREW: Leaders Jose Abiles and Bruce Dimon
-PRIZE MASTER(s) (set up prize tables, post winners, mileage awards etc….)
-SALES TEAM – T-Shirts, TIKI TOKENS, 50/50 Raffles.

Plenty to do! We need You!

I can do coffee prep for the AMs and a shift at the Tiki Bar (Covid Comfort Station) and lead a GS ride.
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Re: 2021 Rally UPDATES!

Postby kjackson » Sat May 29, 2021 7:38 pm


I'll be up Friday mid-afternoon. I'll be available ad-hoc, plus I'm officially in for a shift at the sales table and the Tiki Bar.
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Re: 2021 Rally UPDATES!

Postby Janitor » Mon May 31, 2021 9:37 pm

Looks like this thing is coming together, see you there! 8)
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Re: 2021 Rally UPDATES!

Postby eap » Tue Jun 01, 2021 3:29 pm

A little over 100 riders have registered, weather is looking pretty good!

WE HAVE ACCESS AT 4PM THURSDAY EVENING FOR REGISTERED/VOLUNTEER CLUB MEMBERS - I will be running in an out with my car to get groceries and beer etc.
We need to bring stuff up from the shed, off load my car, set up tables, tike bar, etc. - most of you pretty much know what's up. Phoebe will be rolling in on Friday and we'll need to off load her vehicle too!

Food is on our own, but Check out Vince’s Pizza for delivery/pickup (301) 824-3939, 9 S Main St, Smithsburg, MD
or the food truck (until 6 pm)? at Catoctin Furnace Liquors, 4639 Foxville Rd (Rt 77), Sabillasville, MD (240) 356-1997
(East on Rt 77, Foxville Rd, just a little past Stottlemeyer RD)

Or catch me and I will pick up something for you - my cell is 301-366-3866.


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