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2021 Ride Contest

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2021 8:56 pm
by jcabiles
Water, Water Everywhere! The Earth is about 70% water and the human body is about 40-70% water. With all this water, this years ride contest is to document all the interesting water features that you encounter during your rides.

Objective: Visit and document as many water features encountered during your rides outside of your county of residence.

Contest Window: 1 April - 31 October

The Tidal Basin in WA DC
The Dam in Aldie Park
The Water Wheel and Mill at Colvin Run
Architectural Fountain
Roadside waterfall on Skyline Drive
C&O Canal

Water features in your county of residence do not count, i.e., Lake Fairfax in Fairfax County cannot be submitted by Fairfax County residents; DC residents cannot submit Rock Creek in DC, etc.
Puddles, roadside drainage ditches and water fountains (drinking water) do not count
Only one entry per large water feature, i.e., the Potomac River, the Chesapeake Bay

Registration: Name; Home Base Town/County (i.e., Vienna/Fairfax); Phone; email

Send registration info to: Ride Committee (

Upon registration you will be provided a Contestant Number. Make a “flag” with your registration number printed or drawn on the flag (recommend using an 8”x10” white sheet of paper)

Documentation of each visit: Name of Water Feature, Address of location or detailed description, Date of Visit, Photo (must include the water feature, your Contestant Number/Flag, and your motorcycle). Submit documentation to the Ride Committee.

Prizes: First, second and third place for the most features documented.

An Honorable Mention Award will be given to the most interesting submission; decided by a panel of judges.

Re: 2021 Ride Contest

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2021 9:56 am
by eap
Awesome! Thanks Jose. Count me In!