Shuberth C4 helmet and communicator - DONT BUY

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Shuberth C4 helmet and communicator - DONT BUY

Postby akaplan98 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:37 pm

I made the mistake of buying the C4 helmet. It has speakers and mike built in, only needing to add the battery and communicator unit in order to have communication in the helmet (supposedly)

Good - very quiet.
Good - microphone is very selective, so having a phone call on the road the other party couldn't tell I was on my bike.

Bad - poor airflow in front of my face. I end up with the visor cracked open all the time. Might be good for winter, but def not summer.
Bad - The integrated Sena communicator - too tinny if no earplugs, too soft if wearing plugs. Also I have yet to successfully connect the system to any other headset, including trying with another C4 helmit.

Overall, with the poor air and the worse Sena, I would not recommend this to anyone.
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Re: Shuberth C4 helmet and communicator - DONT BUY

Postby philspace » Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:06 pm

No issues here, I'm happy with mine, however I do have a summer windshield on my RT and only open up the visor when I'm not moving. As long as I'm moving, it's fine and IMHO, the ventilation through to top vent and face vent is very noticeable. Also, I did notice that when the visor is up, just like the C3, it reduces the flow on the top air vent.

WRT the audio, I'm using the BMW system on my RT and my Nav V. My wife reports that at highway speeds I sound great when she calls and I think the audio quality is better than my C3 using the BMW communicator. What i have found is that the other audio sources sound great (MP3s and FM), however XM quality is not as good. I have the BMW Apple lightening cable to interface with the bike and in iPOD mode playing tunes directly off the phone, the quality is also very good.

My issue was having to control the volume from the buttons on the helmet. My solution was to use the SENA remote control. The remote control works like a champ, however they recommend putting it on the left handlebar, which frankly sucks. I found that on my RT (wethead) there is gap between the handlebar and grip on the right side, which the remote fits perfectly in. With the remote on the right side, I can easily change the volume or manage pairing. The remote has four buttons, two for volume and two others that make it a bit easier to control things, like FM preselect or pairing.
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Re: Shuberth C4 helmet and communicator - DONT BUY

Postby thanatos1224 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:40 am

Trivia: I spoke to the company at the BMW MOA Rally and if it is worth anything to you. The C3 will be around for some time so if you wanted to try a C3? I have the C3 and will hold on to it at least until winter where rumor has it that they will be coming out with different shapes. I guess other than oval perhaps more elongated to better fit more riders head shapes. Also, I spoke to some folks that had a C4 and they were able to fit their Sena 20 in the helmet with some tweaks... my only gripe with the company is their replacement shields are way more costly than say an HJC.
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