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Ztechnic Windshields

Postby STATMATT » Mon Oct 22, 2012 4:29 pm

I'd like to thank Paul G at National Cycle.

Enroute to the 2011 BMWMOA ralley, my wife was going through the toll gate and it started to go up she gave it the gas and the gate stuttered and came falling back onto her, breaking her Cee Baileys Windshield and smacking her in the faceshield. Further along the trip, she also hit a bird with the remaining windshield. Upon arrival at the ralley, we found the folks at Countrywide BMW and National Cycle. And they did a great install on the Hardcoated Polycarbonate windshield


Fast forward to September of this year and she had a topple dismounting her bike on the side of the road where it was canted. Somehow the windshiled broke when it landed on the canted surface. I immediately went to the website and found the exact same replacement windshield, she loves that design so much there was no question we were replacing it with the same item. I noticed they had a 3 year warranty, so I called them.

When I spoke to Paul at National Cycle, he said, "This doesn't happen to be the woman who hit a bird and broke the Cee Bailies does it!" Small world, and he assited me in looking up who might have a copy of the receipt. We found the reciept, emailed him a picture of the remanents, and a few days later we had a new windshield in the mail. We happily Installed it within hours of leaving the UPS truck.

Problems with the design are that the mirrors need extenders, the bolts sold with the extenders are about 3mm too short and the extenders chafe against the controls on each side. During the fall, the bolts for the mirror tore out quite a few threads. When reinstalling, I used a 25mm bolt and two washers on each side of the extender. This prevented the chafing of the controls and gave enough depth to use the full length of the mirror attachment point.

Overall we are happy with this windshield and would recommend doing business with this company again. According to them, it is rare that one of these would break and they were shocked that she had broken hers. The quick response and customer service were fantastic.
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