EarFuze DIY Custom Ear Plugs.

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EarFuze DIY Custom Ear Plugs.

Postby IAMBOB » Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:36 am

I bought the $45 set. It comes with earbuds a blue kit, a red kit, and mine came with an extra red kit and a white foamy for a practice plug.

In my case, my practice plug came out better than my actual blue plug, but they fit great, and sound AWESOME. At the LOWEST volume setting on my laptop (i don't have tunes on the bike yet) I could hear the music clearly.

Anyways, the plug material comes in two parts, a white container, and a colored container. Place the earbud in your ear, knead the white and colored material (red OR blue) until it's one solid color (IMPORTANT: in not mixed the white portion will NOT harden, no custom marble looks, I tried).. Put the material in your outerear, and move your ear lobe around so some material works its way around the earbud. Let the matereal set up in your ear for 3 - 5 minuts, and WALLAH custom ear plugs!!

I wore them yesterday and extremely comfortable with a helmet on. Put my windshield all the say down and it was GREAT.

I will say that if I had Tracey put the material in my ear (find a helper) it would have worked even better. My left ear plug is rather bulky, I went a little overboard with the material, but it's still very comfortable.

For $45 I don't think you can do better.
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