Rules for the Reviews Forum

Products including farkle, clothing, helmets, heck even motorcycles that have been purchased and reviewed by members.

Rules for the Reviews Forum

Postby landofjeremy » Fri Aug 22, 2008 11:14 pm

Welcome to the Review Forum. The purpose of this forum is to have a central repository of motorcycle related products that have been reviewed by our BMWBMW.ORG members.

Anyone with an account on BMWBMW.ORG can submit a review, however reviews will be reviewed by our moderators to ensure that they have the following information:

A descriptive title (For example: PIAA 1400 SERIES Fog Lamp)
Manufacturer (including a link to their website)
Model Number
Date of Purchase (month/year)
Satisfaction level (High, Medium, Poor)
The actual review (Explain what were you looking for, did you find it with this product, would you recommend to a friend, unexpected challenges or benefits in using the product, etc.) Long reviews are fine, but please keep them on topic.

Photos (Please use an image hosting website such as or some other hosting service. Please do not link directly to the image used on the retailers website.) Using your own pictures of the product in action is a bonus!
Where the product was purchased (preferrably including a direct link to the product or the retailers website, if possible)
Price Paid (in USD, converted if necessary)

If the review doesn't include the required information, please don't take it personally when you receive a PM asking for the review to be completed.

Replies should be based on the product or the review. Moderators can and will move discussions that have gone off track in this forum out to General Chat or Final Drive, if required.

Please do not post inquiries on where products can be obtained in this forum unless it is in regards to the item that's been reviewed. Please instead post those questions in the general chat or tech forum, if appropriate.

Additionally, the board moderators take no responsibility on what might happen if you attempt to sell the product on our board after making a glowing review about it a week before.

As always, let any of the moderators or me know if you have any questions.

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