Occoquan Inn by Mt. Vernon - short trip, big rewards

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Occoquan Inn by Mt. Vernon - short trip, big rewards

Postby OldSalt » Sun Oct 07, 2007 11:13 am

Catch up with friends for coffee in Alexandria and head south along the river on N. Washington St. It takes you under 495 and becomes The George Washington Memorial Parkway and runs along the river to Mount Vernon. If you can't figure out what to do there or they throw you out at closing time, head on out to Rte 1 and go south. Stay right and cross the Occoquan river on I95 South. Take the exit at the south side of the river on Rte. 123 North. When the road starts to tail off to the right, turn left on Commerce Street. (If you cross the river you've gone too far.) At the stop sign turn right and at the "T" turn left. The Occoquan Inn/Virgina Grill is on your right hand side. There is a nice pub on the east end, a sit-down resturaunt (The Occoquan Inn) in the middle, and an authentic old grill (Virginia Grill) on the left where you can eat on the deck overlooking the river in the summer. They're actually all one establishment, but the grill serves the same menu as the inn without all the pomp and circumstance for a few bucks less. They do great things with Filet Mignon, their salads are fresh, their gin and tonic is refreshing, and the atmosphere is tadiefah!

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