Read me - RTE helpful hints

Use this forum only for planning Rides To Eat

Read me - RTE helpful hints

Postby MrE » Thu May 12, 2005 3:09 pm

Welcome to the new RTE forum. Since RTE's have become so popular and as we continue to increase the number of people who participate as well as the number of opportunities to ride to eat, we decided to break this out into its own forum.

This forum should only be used for Ride To Eats. Use "Events" and "Organize a Ride" for other activities.

Don't forget:
Virginia RTE - 1st Wednesday
Maryland RTE - 3rd Week (currently on 3rd Tuesday)
Adhoc RTE - whenever the spirit moves you

The process is:
- Someone (usually one of the regulars) starts a topic and solicts input on location.
- some discussion as to location (and occasionally date)
- finalize decision
- originator or admin changes the 1st post to reflect the actual location/date/time.
- everyone who is going posts

Overall it is a very informal process. Ping me if you have questions.
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