Safely going to the RA "Game of Roads" National Rally?

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Safely going to the RA "Game of Roads" National Rally?

Postby Genen8kua » Fri Aug 06, 2021 9:00 pm

Less than a week away.

If you take a look at the CDC map at, you'll see that virtually all of the polygons on the Game of Roads board are red (high levels of community transmission).
Rally region.JPG
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The Rally is in Haywood County (the one highlighted on the image). For reference, Asheville is in Buncombe County, the southernmost of the two adjacent counties to Haywood's east. On CDC's interactive map, you can also see other useful information such as vaccination rates, percent test positivity, case #s, deaths, and %ICU capacity used.

30 years of primary care and public health experience and yet I'd been waffling about whether it would be prudent for me to go. I'm 65, fully vaccinated and without other risk factors. I do plan to go visit my 87 year old, also fully vaccinated, mom after the rally. Here's how I've become comfortable going:

1. My own risk: I perceive that as pretty low. The vaccine is really effective at preventing illness and, while not 100% (no vaccine is), does seem to prevent infections. I'll also be camping (tent as the ultimate two-layer mask), and will be able to avoid indoor areas especially where/if people aren't masked. It helps a lot that, because of the recent CDC guidance and the level of transmission in Haywood County, indoor masking will be required in all County-owned buildings (which includes the event center). If you're registered for the rally, you should've received an email about that from the rally master. Some may not be happy about that news, but masking will help a lot in preventing spread from anyone infected to others (including me).

2. Friends and family: I don't want to put any of them at risk. All my circle is fully vaccinated, so that risk goes down a lot: even if I'm unfortunate enough to get what's being called a "breakthrough infection," they're pretty well protected. Again, the outside nature of the rally, the masking, and my plans to avoid higher risk situations gives me a higher level of comfort. I can also put a couple of days and a camping night between the rally and my mom's house in Cincinnati. That's a little extra cushion in case I develop symptoms.

3. Citizenship: I do feel a duty not to worsen the pandemic. If I were unvaccinated, I'd be staying home: I don't want the heightened risk of getting and spreading the illness, and I don't want to be one of the people overcrowding someone's ICU. By following reasonable guidelines about the three "W's" (Wear a mask, Watch your distance and Wash your hands), and being vaccinated, I feel I'm doing my part and not being an irresponsible rally participant. Sadly, I probably won't be contributing to the local economy by dining in, but that's not usually a big part of my rally MO anyway. I'll look for outdoor vendors.

So why did I waffle for a while? Mainly the difference between transmission and vaccination rates between here and Haywood County, as well as uncertainty about practices at the rally. And Mom.

Leana Wen has a nice piece of practical advice. for further reading.

You can also go to to research the vaccine. If you distrust the CDC on this, go to the Coronavirus website of any state whose government you're comfortable with. Of course most of them will send you to the CDC... And if you're 25 and healthy and see no threat from the disease, then 1. think again and do your part (my son did) and 2. we need more of you in this club.

Now I do get to wait and see if Debbie's arthroscopy gets scheduled to change all the plans :oops:, but hopefully I'll see some of you there.

Anyone else going?
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Re: Safely going to the RA "Game of Roads" National Rally?

Postby Woody » Mon Oct 25, 2021 4:22 pm

Agreed. Tks for posting!
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