Engine Work -- need assistance in VA

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Engine Work -- need assistance in VA

Postby UltimateJourney » Thu Jul 24, 2003 4:01 pm

We are Erin and Chris, weeks away from completing our 4+ year RTW trip. We've ridden more than 100,000 miles across 6 continents while visiting 50 countries. :roll:

Erin's brother lives in Fredericksburg, VA, and we'll be there all of next week (July 28-Aug 3). One of our F650s has a leak in the crank case breather, and we need to change the seal. This involves splitting the engine case, just to replace an inexpensive seal. Although this is a BMW, the engine is more similar to a Honda single. :wink:

I've done the job before, and it's fairly straight forward. We've just always done this kind of work in a shop of some sort, with people familiar with tearing engines open. We are looking for someone to help us do this work -- it should take about 2 days -- Can you help us? :?:

If so, please reply to bmw@UltimateJourney.com.

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