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Nav 6 doesn't see routes saved to SSD card

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2022 11:01 am
by HMF
When (in Basecamp) I send a route to the Nav 6's internal memory, it finds a new route at the next reboot and asks whether I want to save it to the trip planner.
When I attempt to send a route to the memory card, it is not recognized by the Nav 6, even though the file is shown on the card in Basecamp's library.
Garmin tech support initially had no idea what was wrong, then suggested I try creating a .gpx folder on the ssd card, which I don't know how to do.
Any ideas?

Re: Nav 6 doesn't see routes saved to SSD card

PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2022 3:45 pm
by Genen8kua
My sd (you mean sd and not ssd, right?) card that's currently in my Nav6 has a Garmin folder and that folder has a GPX folder in it. You can find that by launching Windows file explorer (or the Mac equivalent?) when the Nav is connected to your computer or if you have the sd card out of the unit and in a card reader. I don't remember if the Nav placed those folders there or if I did it.

If in Basecamp with the Nav6 plugged in to the computer and the sD card in the Nav6, I save a route on the memory (sD) card, basemap places it in the Garmin/GPx folder. Regardless of what I've named the route, the file is named route(), you can open a gpx file in a text reader like Notepad and there you'll see the name you gave the route.

The Nav seems to send its info to the garmin/gpx folder: if you share a route via the memory card, the Nav will create a file called "shared_routes" in the garmin/gpx folder. if you share another route or set of routes, the Nav will over-write that same shared_routes file.

You might try opening up the memory card in file explorer and creating a Garmin folder (if there isn't one) and then adding a gpx folder inside the garmin folder. If you're using Macs there's probably an equivalent. You can do that with the card in the Navigator and plugged into your computer or with the card in a card reader.

Ugh. Moves me closer to "I hope my garmin dies so I can move on" rather than "I hope it keeps going so I get my money's worth."


Re: Nav 6 doesn't see routes saved to SSD card

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2022 7:55 am
by HMF
Thanks, Gene, for the suggestions.
I went back and looked at my sd (yeah, you're right) card in File Explorer, and the GPX folder is there. But it still shows as empty after sending files to the memory card in BaseCamp.
What is especially odd is that the routes and waypoints are present on the card in the BaseCamp library.