R1100 RSL Intermittent High Idle

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R1100 RSL Intermittent High Idle

Postby cavis87 » Wed Nov 11, 2020 8:18 am

Hey all-

I have a new to me '94 R1100RSL that I bought in July. It's got about 130k miles on it, and was well maintained by its previous owner. I've gone through and replaced a couple of items like the battery, spark plugs, and starter, but it has intermittent problem of a high idle - it'll show (and sounds like) 2k rpm with the clutch pulled in and in first or neutral when this happens, with higher than average revs in each corresponding gear when it happens (for example, it'll be doing 6k on the tach at 70 mph). On a 100 mile ride, sometimes it'll just sort itself out and settle back down to normal, sometimes not.

I've heard a bunch of thoughts on this - clutch (replaced by previous owner at 80k miles), throttle body, motronic, TPS sensor. Anyone have any experience with this? I'm hopeful it's more like a random sensor to replace or a new TPS, but any thoughts are appreciated.
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