K75, flooded again

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K75, flooded again

Postby modelthry » Tue Jul 29, 2003 7:00 am

Greetings from the clumsiest amateur mechanic in Maryland.

When I have to remove the fuel tank on my K75, I always depressurize the fuel line by disconnecting the fuel pump power supply and letting the bike stall. When I get everything back together and try to fire up the bike, it often floods and I wind up having to wait forever for things to dry out.

Could my method of depressurizing the system have anything to do with this? I would think there would be *less* danger of flooding with this method, but I can't for the life of me figure out why I have such persistent flooding problems after lengthy projects.

I always want to blame it on a flat battery (spent all week on the project, hence battery couldn't produce strong spark), but when I flood the engine and then hook up the Battery Doc, it almost always indicates full charge after <30 seconds.

Anyway, thanks as always for any tips. I continue bumbling along, and I thank my lucky stars that I recently moved to a place with a garage! No more working while exposed to the elements.

Jeremy Smith
'87 K75T
Chevy Chase, MD USA

Postby Anton » Mon Sep 22, 2003 5:50 am

I hope this reply isn't too late to be of any help.

Are you SURE it's flooding? It's hard to imagine a flooding scenario when you have depressurized the system. In fact, since the system will eventually lose pressure while it sits, you are basically starting from a depressurized state whenever the bike has been unused for an extended period (only a few days, no need to take offense) :)

If you confirm the flooding, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. If you confirm the flooding AND that it only happens after you remove the tank, then try depressurizing the system but NOT removing the tank and see what you get.

At this point my money is on something else. Make sure plugs, valves, timing and fuel filter are OK... standard K tune-up stuff.
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