The Rules - please read

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The Rules - please read

Postby MrE » Wed Feb 07, 2007 5:45 pm

The "Buy/Sell - Bikes" area is for members to post bikes for sale or to post "want to buy" (WTB) ads.

Please use the following formats for posting ads:
FS: Model, Color, Mileage, Price
WTB: Model, Price Range, Other Description

FS: '04 BMW R1150RT Silver, 8300 miles, $13,800/OBO
WTB: '95-99 R1100GS <$3000

Pictures of the actual bike must be included in your post. This serves a number of reasons: 1) What may be Excellent condition to you may be Good to another and 2) Some members or visitors may not know what your bike model looks like (not to mention that there are also people who don't know that BMW makes motorcycles.) For those two reasons, you'll receive a note from a moderator requesting pictures if you do not have them attached. The moderator reserves the right to temporarily relocate or otherwise make your post inaccessible until you do have pictures.

When the bike has been sold, please edit the title in the first post to include the word "Sold" or "Found". If desired, post the selling price. The moderator will then move the post to the Sold Bikes Archive so that it may be used in the future as a reference to prospective buyers/sellers. Posts will be automatically removed if they have not had activity in the past 30 days. To keep your post active, simply post a reply to it with something like "still for sale".

Do not post any stolen, illegal, or copyrighted items for sale in this forum. Admin reserves the right to remove any item for any reason.

The Sales area represents a valuable service/resource to our membership. To keep this forum easy to use and retrieve information from, it will be heavily moderated. Hi-jacking and harassment will be treated with zero tolerance.
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Re: The Rules - please read

Postby landofjeremy » Tue Oct 14, 2008 6:08 am

Updated with picture requirement. All new ads must include pictures.

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