Adopted by the membership April 15, 2007

Amended by the membership October, 2011

Revised by the membership November, 2014

I. Name
This organization shall be known as the BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington.

II. Objectives

A.The objectives of this organization shall be to promote all aspects of BMW motorcycle
activities such as:

1.Safe motorcycle riding
2.Touring, both regional and national
3.Pooling of knowledge and experience
4.Social outlet
5.Maintenance and technical knowledge

B. The responsibility of meeting the above objectives lies with the club members. Officers and committee chairpersons assume specific obligations and tasks, but the success or failure of any club venture is directly dependent upon the participation of club members.

III. Officers

A. The officers of this organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and shall each serve a twelve-month term. The duties of these officers shall be such as usually pertain to their respective offices and as listed herein.

1. The President shall preside over and set the agenda for the General membership meetings, and other club group events (i.e., the annual rally, the Holiday party, Oktoberfest, etc.) The President also acts as the club spokesperson when dealing with other clubs and organizations, when a single voice is needed. The Board of Directors should provide input when possible, but the President sets a "tone" for these interactions and for the club as a whole. The president is responsible for the monitoring of state and federal regulations concerning motorcycling and for coordinating efforts by the club and companion organizations to ensure that the views of the club are properly presented.

The President does not vote except in cases of a tie and at the general election.

2.The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President during his absence or inability to act. A close working relationship between the President and Vice President helps to smooth the rough spots that might otherwise occur. The club should be able to expect that one or both of these officers will attend every General Membership and Board of Directors meeting.

The Vice President shall also serve as the chairperson of the Rally Committee. The Rally Committee is responsible for the planning, organization, and management of the rally. These preparatory activities include, but are not limited to, establishing a budget, identifying a rally site, and overseeing activities such as advertising and promotion, registration, food, entertainment, awards, door prizes, vendors, child and adult field events pin design, insurance, etc. A final rally report will be submitted at the Board of Directors meeting immediately following the rally when all accounts are settled.

3. The Secretary shall keep records of the proceedings of the club, and also serve as Secretary to the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall prepare written minutes of all official business transacted at Board meetings and general meetings and verbally present these minutes at each general meeting. A copy of these written minutes shall be published on the website and/or in the newsletter.

The Secretary is also responsible for organizing the annual election process, which includes coordinating the activities of the Elections Committee.

The Secretary shall also be the club's historian and, as such, will retain all official club documents, minutes of the meetings, past issues of the club's newsletter, and any additional correspondence deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

4. The Treasurer shall receive and dispense all funds of the club. The Treasurer shall sign all checks, but the expenditures shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer's accounts shall be subject to an independent annual audit and other such examination as the Board of Directors may order. The Treasurer shall be responsible for presenting a verbal report at each Board and general membership meeting, and shall submit an annual financial summary in January to be published in the club newsletter.

The Treasurer shall maintain that all BMWBMW Club funds are intended to finance club activities that support the stated objectives of the club as outlined in Section II. BMWBMW funds in the treasury will not be used to further the interest of religious, political or charitable organizations.


IV. Committees

A. Structure and Duties

1. The standing committees are:

a.Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is responsible for disseminating information to all interested parties and maintaining, with the help of the Treasurer, a current membership list. The Membership Directory shall be distributed annually. The Membership Committee shall also be responsible for introducing all new members to the club.

b. Media Committee
The Media Committee is responsible for the club’s online and print presence. This includes, but is not limited to, the publication on a monthly basis the club’s newsletter magazine, Between the Spokes, the design and content of the club’s website,, and any social media presence the Board of Directors chooses to maintain.

b. 1) Editor, Between the Spokes (BTS)
There are three facets to the job. The first includes collecting content for publication, including articles from the membership and the Board of Directors, obtaining advertisements from advertisers, and coordinating various monthly and seasonal events that need to be published. The second is laying out and editing the monthly publication, then ensuring it is delivered to the printer in order that the membership receives it on or near the first day of the month. Lastly, highlight features and event information from the newsletter must be delivered (preferably by email) to the club’s Webmaster for inclusion on the club’s website.

b. 2) Webmaster
The Webmaster is responsible for the design and content of the club’s website and electronic mailing list(s). The Webmaster must keep the site updated with current content, take advantage of current web technology, and ensure the site is functioning properly. The Webmaster is also responsible for interacting with web vendors, maintaining the club’s domain name registration/certificate, and sending out periodic emails to the club membership at the instruction of the Board of Directors.

2. The Board of Directors may establish additional committees to meet specific club objectives. Committees may be established to fulfill a needed function for a specific time limit or an ongoing basis. Examples of the committees and responsibilities that the Board may establish include but are not limited to:

a.Meetings & Events Committee
The Meetings & Events Committee is responsible for arranging places and programs for general membership and Board of Directors meetings, and for arranging places for club events not covered by other committees. The date and location for all Board and general membership meetings should be published in the monthly newsletter and on the club website at least two months prior to the meeting date. The chairperson for this committee is also responsible for writing an article for the newsletter and on the website two months in advance of any major club activity (i.e., the rally, Oktoberfest, Country weekend, etc.).

b.Rides Committee
The Rides Committee is responsible for the planning, organization, and management of regularly scheduled, ride-related activities. This can include scheduling group rides, organizing contests (i.e., County Bounty, high mileage contest, etc.), or simply planning a route for inclusion in the newsletter and on the website. No fewer than six such rides/events will be scheduled and announced in the newsletter and on the website annually.

c.Technical Committee
The Technical Committee shall serve as a clearinghouse for technical assistance, organize club Tech Days/Slack Packs, maintain club special tools, and submit a yearly written inventory in January to be published in the club newsletter.

d.Safety Committee
The Safety Committee is responsible for the promotion of safe riding practices by club members and for coordination of the activities of the club in the promotion of greater safety for all motorcyclists.

e.Government Affairs
The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for the monitoring of state and federal regulations concerning motorcycling and for coordinating efforts by the club and companion organizations to ensure that the views of the club are properly presented.

The Sales Committee will maintain an inventory of club supplies and equipment available for sale, and make these items available to the general membership at meetings and other events. This committee will: 1) process and mail orders within seven working days or, when practical, make personal deliveries during meetings and/or other events; 2) coordinate with vendor suppliers to replenish inventory items when necessary; 3) introduce new items that are deemed desirable; and 4) provide an annual report in January to the Treasurer or other designated Board member following a complete and thorough inventory.

g. Elections Committee
The Elections Committee is responsible for developing a slate of candidates to serve as Officers and Committee chairpersons. The Elections committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors no later than March of each year and shall consist of at least three members not currently serving on the Board of Directors. The Elections committee shall solicit nominations and recruit volunteers to fill all positions and will submit the slate to the Board of Directors for review. If any candidate is rejected by either the Board or the general membership, the Elections committee shall find another candidate to fill that position.

3. Ad-hoc committees shall be established at a regular meeting by a motion to meet a specific purpose within a time limit and shall cease to exist as soon as the general membership receives a final report.

B. General Procedures
Membership in all committees is open to all members of the club at all times.
The committee chairpersons for Membership and Newsletter shall be elected by the general membership at the general election and shall serve a twelve-month term. The chairperson of each shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors, and may appoint an alternate to serve on the Board in his capacity.
The Board of Directors shall appoint a chairperson to lead any other committee it creates. The chairperson of each committee serves at the pleasure of the Board.

In the absence of volunteers for specific committees, the Board of Directors shall advise the membership in the following newsletter and on the website and attempt to solicit volunteers.

V. Board of Directors

There shall be a Board of Directors consisting of the four elected officers and the committee chairpersons for Membership and Media.

The Board of Directors shall oversee and guide the operations of the club. The Board shall carry on the business of the club with the advice and consent of the general membership. The Board shall meet before the general membership meetings or as scheduled by the president.
If, in the judgment of the majority of the Board, any officer does not fulfill the responsibilities of his office, the Board may, by at least a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the entire Board, remove that person from his/her office and call a special election of the general membership to fill the position.
Should a vacancy occur on the Board of Directors for any other reason, a replacement shall be appointed by the Board to fulfill the remainder of the term.

The Board of Directors shall consider all disciplinary actions against members. A member against whom disciplinary action is being considered shall be so informed so that he may appear before the Board on a given date and present his defense. Should the member not wish to appear, the Board shall consider the case as presented, together with any statement in writing which the member may present. When the Board has made its final decision, the member shall be notified promptly. At the request of the member against whom action is being taken, these findings may be appealed to the general membership at the next regular meeting.

VI. Elections

The Board of Directors will appoint a three person elections committee as detailed in Section IV A.2 h. The committee will develop a slate of candidates for President, VP/Rally Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair and Newsletter Chair. Position statements by all nominees and ballots shall be distributed to the general membership in the October newsletter. Voting shall be by mail-in and/or electronic ballot. The deadline for ballot return shall be set for October 31. Results shall be tabulated by the Elections Committee and presented to the general membership at the November meeting and in the December newsletter. All elected officials shall officially take office at the beginning of the December meeting.
All club members in good standing are eligible for nomination as an officer or a committee chairperson.

VII. Membership

The members of this club shall consist of such members who have paid dues governed by these Bylaws, and who conform to their requirements.

A Full Member is a BMW motorcycle owner/rider or a sponsored non-BMW owner/rider, or a sponsored non-rider. Sponsors must be full club members in good standing.
An Associate Member is a rider/non-rider residing at the same address as a full member. Associate members do not receive mailings, but have full voting privileges if aged 16 or over. Dues for associate members shall be no more than one-half that of a full member.

VIII. Meetings

This club shall hold regular meetings for the transaction of business and social proceedings at such a place and on such dates as agreed upon. Meetings shall be held at a minimum of one per month on weekends; members will be notified via newsletter and the club website.

Special meetings may be held as called by the Board of Directors or upon the written request of any six members.

IX. Dues

The original dues payment is to be made at the time membership is accepted by the Membership Committee chairperson. Thereafter, dues are payable within twelve months and no later than the first day of the anniversary month. Special assessments may be levied at any regular meeting after due notice of such proposed action will have been sent to members.

Dues are to be reviewed on an as-needed basis as determined by the Board of Directors, and changes shall be passed with the approval of the general membership.

Members whose dues and assessments are not paid by the first anniversary month each year shall be automatically dropped (for non-payment of dues). He/she or a member who leaves the club voluntarily may be reinstated by the Board of Directors providing all dues of the last year in which the member was in the club are paid in full.

X. Riding Style

The club shall have an organized riding style based on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's recommendations. Each rider shall respect the rights of all other vehicles on the road.

XI. Amendments

Amendments to these Bylaws may be adopted by a favorable concurrence of two-thirds of the votes cast at any regular meeting, after having been proposed in writing at a regular meeting at least one month previously, and a copy thereof sent to all members with notice of the meeting at which their adoption is to be voted on.

XII. Rules of Order

The parliamentary procedure of this club shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order.