SRR Tip Sheet

A Note from the Rally Chair:

Our own Chiba (Wes Fleming) attended the 2007 Square Route Rally for the first time. Afterward, he posted this helpful list of pointers to help you get the most out of the rally experience.

10 tips from a SRR Cherry

This being my first SRR, I thought I'd take the time to post a few notes for anybody that hasn't been before and was thinking about coming this year, but stuff/life got in the way.

1. GO next year. You will NOT regret it.
2. Bring rain gear you can wear both on and off the bike.
3. Bring (and keep track of) a small flashlight. Whether you camp or stay in a cabin, you'll need it to either dodge guy lines stretched taut across otherwise empty spaces or to find your bunk politely after half the folks in your cabin have crashed out before midnight.
4. If you decide to camp, invest in a waterproof tent or cover for your tent. You'll need some kind of plastic sheet for under your tent too - and don't forget to roll it down (or whatever it was that Walt forgot to do).
5. If you stay in a cabin, you will need ear plugs. Of course, if you use them, you'll probably be in Silent Gardens. However, if you forget them (or have to use your watch alarm to get up early to start the Scavenger Hunt), you will absolutely be bunked down next to Captain Apnea and the Snore-Bot Avengers.
6. Bring something to wear on your feet besides your riding boots.
7. Drinking beer & soda is a ton of fun, but drink lots of water too. It's not going to rain the whole 36 hours you're there, and when the sun comes back out, it's gonna be hot.
8. The Roach Coach food is excellent and they have lots of snack choices for those in-between-meal munchies. The catered food is excellent as well - they served a vegetarian lasagna Saturday night that was dreamy. I skipped the meat-laden chili on Friday night, but I can tell you that Captain Apnea's brother, The Fartmonger, did not.
9. If you have a broad sense of humor and are not easily offended, hang out around the fire pit after about 11 p.m.
10. Last but certainly not least - bring some kind of flat-foot device to put your bike's kickstand on. Nothing sucks like scrambling around for a flat rock while hoping you found the least spongy patch of mud to park on.

Above all else - participate. Go to the seminars. Ride the Hare & Hounds. Join the Scavenger Hunt. Volunteer at the Registration Tent. Sell merchandise. Help with setup/breakdown/cleanup. Pick up stray trash. Take lots of pictures. Make new friends. Re-connect with old ones. Ogle bikes. Tell fish stories. Find out where people are from.

--chiba (originally posted on Sun Jun 03, 2007 7:30 pm)