Rider to Rider communications.

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Rider to Rider communications.

Postby Adventurer » Thu Sep 20, 2012 6:43 pm

Hello all..

Wrapping up a great summer here in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. As some of you may recall Dr. J has her motorcycle endorsement and the proud owner of a 2010 F650GS and coming along nicely on this bike, as we ride out of Boothbay Harbor and Portstmouth, New Hampshire. We're really looking forward to this years New England's foliage.

I've exhausted myself on info on communications systems, particularly rider/rider systems, including what I could find here on a search of previous post, all of which has left me almost as confused as when I started. So, has any of these systems stood the test of time? Rider to rider would be the biggest concern and GPS pairing coming in second, after that I really don't care. One that I recently heard of (though not talked about on bmwbmw) is Uclear HBC 200. Would love to here recent attitudes on any and all available systems, especially rider to rider.
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Re: Rider to Rider communications.

Postby Mikepotter86 » Wed Sep 26, 2012 12:07 pm

France-Lee and I have been using ScalaRider G4s since about may and have been pretty happy with them. They take a little bit of learning, but for bike to bike communication they're great. You can keep the channel open full time, use a button on the side of the unit to open the channel, or use voice activation (this works better for my voice than it does for hers, say Hello loudly, then I'll hear a beep, then the channel will open. The system is clear and clean, but will pick up a little wind noise from France-Lee's Nolan modular helmet when she has the vents open. It works up to about half of a mile. The charge lasts for more than a day of use even if I play music the whole time. For bike to bike only, it will last a good long weekend of riding.

We've both sucessfully paired with one bluetooth device, I primarily pair with my iPhone which I use for navigation, music, and phone calls. Some people complain that pairing with more than one device causes some complications, especially when it comes to setting "prioritization" between devices. The voice command system works as well as Siri, which is not always great, but you can easily place and accept calls without data coverage, and I have regularly taken work calls on my headset without anyone knowing the difference. I always use the system, even when riding solo, I find it easier to take and place phone calls on my bike with my scalrider than I do in my car.

We bought the G4 used from some other riders we met at the Morton's Rally for a song, but from what I can tell the G9 is much improved in terms of volume and clarity, which I never had an issue with.

The G4 uses a boom mic which can be a tight fit with the windproofing cover in front of your mouth, we use it without the windproofing and it causes no problems. One advantage of the G9 is that is comes with the option to permanently affix the microphone to your chin guard on non-modular full face helmets, rather than having a boom to feel close to your lips.

I'd say go for it if you can get a good deal!

Good Luck,
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Re: Rider to Rider communications.

Postby STATMATT » Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:31 pm

My wife and I also use the version of Scalia Rider developed for Scheuberth Helmets. At times it is frustrating as heck. The only sure way for us to stay connected with no drops is when we are argueing. Otherwise it doesn't realize we are talking and it goes into standby mode regularly. We also have the issue with it recognizing my voice better than my wife's voice. Instead of yelling hello we yell Marco! I've never figured out how to make handsfree calls, but I do get calls quite regularly through the helment and the caller has no idea I'm going 75 plus down the interstate without a windshield on my bike.

My wife and I consider this one of the biggest safety items, we are able to communicate traffic and working together to hold space in the lane so the other one could get in. We also call out 'left hand turner' and 'right hand loonatic' or 'red lights' or 'cop, cop cop!' Our son uses the G4 and it connects easily to our Scheuberth communication systems. I have it on all the time and listen to music on my phone when not connected bike to bike with my wife. Bluetooth is still in its infancy, so it isn't perfect, but for bike to bike communication this works great.

We did have some problems with hers shorting and not turning on. The dealer replaced it with a new item after calling Scheuberth. It is tough to spend that much money purchasing two of these just to start, but it was well worth it.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Rider to Rider communications.

Postby Flash! » Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:48 pm

STATMATT wrote: when we are argueing. STATMATT

You argue? :)

We finally gave up on the Scala Rider set and went back to our old Autocom. The Scalas picked up voice when it wasn't intended :emb: (we argue too sometimes), and we had a very hard time getting it to connect when we wanted it to. The Autocom is working fine except for occasional interference, I think due to the make-shift wiring I had to do on my new 650 out in CA over the summer. We'll get it sorted out.

And I totally agree with you--the safety enhancement is tremendous. I especially like that I can let John know when I want to stop for any reason--he's generally waaaay too far ahead of me to be aware of my frantic waving.

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Re: Rider to Rider communications.

Postby Adventurer » Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:55 pm

Thanks for the replies and inputs, they are appreciated. In the end one as to pull the trigger, which I did today. I've gone with and placed my order for the latest version of the Sena SMH10D-10 Bluetooth 3.0v. The best price from a authorized dealer I found was RADIORIDER.COM on ebay. For the price ($ 284.00 dual pak) along with them throwing in two wall chargers...why not. The great majority of reviews I was able to find on this unit were all very positive, this would include an extensive review by webBikeWorld that gave it very high marks, especially for it's price point.

Thanks again all, I let you know how it all goes down the road.

Think I did OK on a used Zumo 550 today also.
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Re: Rider to Rider communications.

Postby Mac » Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:33 pm

+1 on the Sena. Haven't had a single issue with mine.
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Re: Rider to Rider communications.

Postby RaysGSAdv » Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:38 am

I have the new G9 it is connected through my BMW nav IV. My droid is connected to the Nav IV also so incoming calls / nav directions go through nav then to G9. We have 3 units. My son on B friend on A conference set up. Range is good except in twisties. Only glitches are sometimes it turns to the radio, especially when others with G4 or G9s are around, and after a call sometimes it takes a while for a switch back over. The buttons are hard to use sometimes with gloves on. Other wise I like it.

Re: Rider to Rider communications.

Postby IAMBOB » Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:26 pm

Sorry I'm late to the party, but I just won a new helmet in the parking lot lottery..

Now I have to wonder if Anyone has used the Nolan N104 with the N-Com B4 system?

Understand there was a lot of issues in the past with the N-Com but so far what I've read (albeit from Nolan) they've fixed those issues.

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Re: Rider to Rider communications.

Postby markap » Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:44 pm

I have a Nolan 104 and recently added the UCLEAR 100. Paired very easily to my iPhone 4s. Music is excellent, telephone functions and clarity is very good. Bike to bike intercom good to at least 40 feet (Use the phone after that). The 100 ($134.99) pairs to just one other UCLEAR at a time while the 200 will pair to up to 10 units. The 200 apparently can act as a relay and extend communications to 10 x 40 or 400+ feet. My brother also has the UCLEAR 100 and paired it to a Samsung with no problems.

Nice compact unit, no boom mike, just ear pieces with what they call a "beam microphone" - standard mini USB plug for recharging. Vedry clear music up to around 50mph or so then wind noise intrudes a bit with the foamie ear plugs I use. I like it very much - one year "no questions warranty" from Cycle Gear (Laurel & Springfield) and they even installed and checked it out for me for free!

Re: Rider to Rider communications.

Postby Jeepgrl87 » Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:16 am

Bruce and I have the Uclear device and we love it. It can be paired with up to 10 devices (I think it's 10). It can link to a phone and GPS. It only had 3 buttons so there is very little chance of hitting the wrong button. It's small and does NOT have a boom mike. That is the greatest feature in my opinion. It's military grade technology, but is affordable. Revzilla sells it.

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Re: Rider to Rider communications.

Postby Chris B » Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:43 pm

My friend Glen & I used the SENA SMH10 on both our Trans Labrador Hwy ride in 2011
http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle- ... report.htm
& on our Trans America Trail ride
http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle- ... ica-trail/
last summer & will be using it on our trip to tackle the western 1/2 of the TAT in 3 weeks.
The system worked flawlessly on both trips with great battery life. Range was very close to the 900 meters (LINE OF SIGHT) they claim. The only problems we had with it were:
-You have to make sure the boom is facing the correct direction otherwise the other person hears a LOT of wind noise (I had to constantly remind Glen to check his mic)
-It's rather easy to press the "Jog" button/wheel & terminate the conversation. What then happens is you both start pressing the jog button to re-connect & get out of sync :?
-The vox delay is too long if it's used in an emergency. Just keep the intercom "open" all of the time.
-Make sure BOTH operators KNOW how to operate their device. On several occasions I had to flag Glen down to get his straightened out because if it didn't work immediately he'd start pushing buttons & end up in the "set-up" mode or something.
-The "firmware" that was installed after the TLH & prior to the TAT had an awful "twanging" noise when you got to the limits of the range. THANKFULLY, this has been fixed with they're most recent update which I loaded last week =D>

My wife & I are now using it as a rider to passenger system & are thrilled with it. No more wires hanging around which she would frequently catch with her foot, disconnecting it as she got on or off the bike. It has more than enough volume to overcome earplugs too. I can't really speak for pairing other devices other than other the 2 units I have & my phone, which I have never used while on the bike. But what I've heard is all good.
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