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doning it in the dirt

Postby RocketMan » Sun May 08, 2016 5:16 pm

Been getting in some nice rides of late on the DL and getting some more practice in the dirt.
Had a nice ride yesterday with guy who's fairly new to the area and rides a Wethead GS. took him on some my favorite roads and talked up the club, which he didn't know about so hopefully he'll join up,his handle on ADV is papab, real name George. Real nice guy, originally from Romania but been in the States for about 20 years and just moved to this area from Boston two years ago. We seemed pretty well matched in riding styles which is always nice. Ride report below, but no pics.

We started out in Warrenton, went west along Waterloo to Wilson then left on Crest Hill to Flint Hill and took Ben Venue ( a rather narrow unmarked, twisty) to 211. Crossed 211 and continued on Richmand Rd to Aron Mountain Road to Rock Mills Ford where we doubled back on Rock Mills for some dirt/gravel. Then we headed back to Sperryville and had lunch at the Creek Side Deli. From there we crossed the Blue ridge on 211 and did Ft Valley Road with a side trip along St. Davis Church Rd where I did my first "water crossing" (if a flooded out low-water bridge counts as such :) ). By then it was time for me to head home so we did the rest of the valley road to 55 and hit the 66 slab when we got to Front royal. Papab broke off around Linden to ride more dirt while I headed home. Nice ride and great weather and papab and I seemed to be good match in riding styles, I'm a bit more aggressive on pavement and he has more dirt experience but overall we matched up nicely. Did probably slightly over 200 miles and much of was on roads papab hadn't ridden before.
Next time I'd like to do more dirt around rock mills and off of fort valley, besides the Woodstock tower area there is a nice loop to Seven Fountains off to the right of Ft. Valley, the loop at the end being mostly dirt if I remember correctly. Feel like I'm getting my "dirt legs". :lol:
Also did some dirt Friday and took some short video's, these are probably some of the shortest dirt roads in the area but fun none the less.

Trapp Brach Road off of RT 55 (this one is a bit fuzzy as the camera was focused on the dash rather than the road ahead)

Frogtown Road off of Old Auburn near Warrenton

and Deepwood Lane (public access road to a Wildlife reserve near Aden, Va
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