Findlays Road - How one man road through time...

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Findlays Road - How one man road through time...

Postby eap » Tue May 03, 2016 10:13 pm

"How one man rode through time. A hundred years ago, on a cold summer’s morning in 1916, Charles K. Findlay unknowingly began a journey through time. Charles was just 16 years old the morning he fired up his 1916 Indian Power Plus and headed north..."

My friend Gwen "Shog" Phillips has been planning for over 2 years to, recreate Findlay's 1400 mile solo ride, which she will do in June 2016 on an Indian Scout...

From Shogs blog "One of the more difficult things about the Findlay's Road project is "un-learning" what I think I knew about travel from point A to B. In order to build a 100 year old route, I must first build a 100+ year old map.... Using a 1904 soil map, I trace on Google Earth in red lines on roads that existed then and now. After I trace every road between A and B and 10+ miles either side of a straight line between A and B, then I refer back to the diary and attempt to find the most likely route taken."

Currently Shogs nemesis is the illusive community, place or geographic feature mentioned in Findlays diary as "Sulphur or Sulpher Springs" some 25 miles from Morristown.

You can follow Shogs determined quest and maybe fill in the blanks here

If you'd like to support the quest, go here to

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Sorry, if you consider this Spam, this a really cool story and I thought some of you might want to be part of it.

Edited to add picks - the diary excerpt Gwen found is fantastic - she has been work with the Findlay family descendants and local historian to put this ride together. She even found and is arranging to view a movie that Finday's write's about seeing in his stop in Chattanooga.

Findlay on his Indian.

Diary Excerpt:


Marquee poster from the 1916 :
Chesapeake Bay Watershed
"Over the Mountains Of the Moon, Down the Valley of the Shadow, Ride, boldly ride, E.A.Poe
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