Day ride to find some dirt

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Day ride to find some dirt

Postby RocketMan » Sun Oct 25, 2015 6:06 pm

Planned route ... sp=sharing

planed to include some off-road north between Antioch to Rt. 50 and some more dirt south from Rt. 50 down thru frogtown.

I also found some unexpected gravel as I was riding north on the last few legs, on Delaplane Grade Rd (I think). I was zipping along on a nice open straight bit of smooth paved unmarked when all of a sudden the pavement turned to gravel, with no warning signs. I didn't see it coming as the pavement along there was unmarked and a light gray color, same as where the gravel started and it must have been recently graded because there were no tire ruts and was quite evenly distributed. Funny thing is that at first while still traveling at around 55 the bike felt more stable and sure footed than when I slowed down to around 35 as I was coming to the top of a hill and did not know lay ahead. Nice ride down though it did get a bit rougher and narrow as the trees closed in.

Looking at the map of the actual route I rode, a seen here, with trip data from the Gaia GPS app on my S5 Acitve ... 4YdEewbIGI

at Delaplane I should have taken Rokeby Rd Rt. 623 which was gravel but I wasn't sure if it went thru, as it turns out it does and would have taken me to the same road as Delaplane Grade. Will have to try it next time.

Also took a time lapse video of a short part of the ride, I frame every 1 second, played back at 10 frames a second using Lapse-it Pro on my android S5 Active.

Video is here

Nice ride, around 120 miles, some dirt and bit more learning but still have a long way to go before I'm more comfortable off-road in this bike.

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