Fort Valley, Woodstorck Tower and St. Davis Church Road

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Fort Valley, Woodstorck Tower and St. Davis Church Road

Postby RocketMan » Sat Aug 01, 2015 5:12 pm

Went looking for some gravel roads on the new V-Strom along Ft. Valley and found a few up on the ridge and off of Fort Valley further down.Got in slightly over 200 miles did Woodstock Tower road and a few along the ridge then back down to Fort Valley and took St. Davis Church Road. Had a few OH sh*t! moments in a few turns on St. Davis but faired OK otherwise. Got a lot to learn on this fer sure, but managed to average 25~35 along most of it. My biggest issue is in tight left hand corners where the road has a rightward downhill slope with gavel, esp where there is a steep drop off to the right. Still not used to the feel of the brakes esp. rear on gravel, when they start to pulsate not sure if its the ABS or just the gavel rolling under the tire so not sure how much to apply without causing the rear to break lose. At one point I almost wound up going straight into a field, which luckily was flat so I probably would have been OK had I not made it thru the turn. Probably be more comfortable learning this with someone, or some few, other more experienced dual-sport riders along in case I got into trouble but on the other hand don't want to look the fool to all you experts who probably take these roads at 70+ either. :lol:
Anyway here's a link to the route I took.Just shy of 2000 miles on the V-strom in a little over 2 weeks of ownership and lovin' it so far. ... BdRH_J9p2Q
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