FoF & SR UN-Rally Report

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FoF & SR UN-Rally Report

Postby RocketMan » Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:55 am


We had a good turn out, 23 bikes in all, 9 /5's and somewhere around half a dozen other airheads, some folks just came for the day Sat. (Hank and a friend from the southern VA area, a few folks who came in Friday and left Saturday, two from New England, one of whom was on an airhead and came in Sat. in the pouring rain and Rudy showed up late Friday night with his wife. We had a number of new folks show up and some of the regulars along with some who hadn't come down in a few years.

We never did get around to doing the headlight shoot-out or group shot so Sunday Morning I just placed the door prizes randomly around on the bikes in the shelter.

Every one seemed to have a good time and hopefully we'll have an even better turn out next year as the new attendees tell their friends how much fun they had (we can only hope!) and will return for next years combined Fof-SR (No. 13) and Seneca Rocks UN-Rally (No. 2)!

A few select shots,

folks chit-chatting...


an inpromtu tech session for a new /5 owner


(note the special tech manual used here) :lol


Some wet riders coming in Sat


some of the bikes under cover from the rains


A view of the rocks (always gotta have a view of the Rocks!)


some nice cloud colors


and one of the riders leaving in the mist.....


you can see the rest at the link below. Hoping for an even better turn out next year and I even made up a little patch for the event (seen above)

Also did a pano of the bikes in the shelter that came out pretty nicely.. hard to do when you have folks moving about.

To those that came down...See you all next year! Same Place, Same Channel.....

and if you want a copy of the patch file above feel free to ask for one.


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Postby Rick F. » Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:59 pm


I enjoyed your report, and it looks like you guys had a good time (despite the weather). I want to go back to that area and complete the rest of the tour that Buzz and I originally planned (and had to short-cut, due to the bad weather on our weekend).

Not to be a total idiot or anything, but what does "Fof" stand for?

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Postby Hello Kitty » Fri Jul 04, 2008 9:13 am

Festival of Fives. The BMW /5 that is!
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