Georgia Mountain Rally pictures

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Georgia Mountain Rally pictures

Postby RocketMan » Fri May 09, 2008 1:37 pm

I've been working on a new photo gallery on my site and have some pictures up on it now. Its at

And here are a few quick shots from the trip down to the Georgia Mountain Rally

Had a great time at the rally and spent 4 days riding for around 1200 miles most of which was above 3000 feet in the blue ridge mountains. On the way back did almost 400 of the 430 some miles of the BR Parkway and hit the highest point Sunday on my way to stay at the Alpine Inn in Little Switzerland NC. It’s a lovely quaint little Inn perched right on the edge of the mountains at around 3200 feet. Once I get my 400 + images processed and sorted I post a proper ride report.

For now

The highest point the Blue Ridge Motor Road 6053 ft. this is in the southern end in NC which is generally higher than the northern end.


From the Alpine Inn, a really wonderful, very relaxed little Inn with maybe 6 rooms..

This is how one usually finds the Inn Keepers…busy at work as always :lol


The view from my room, note the flat topped mountain in the background is some 40 miles away!


The Building has settled in the front to the point that whole structure has a very noticeable slant, the doors had to be cut at an angle so they could open into the building.
This is the porch, note that the curve of the wall with the windows and slope of the tables is NOT a trick or distortion of the lens, it really IS the way you see it! (note the line of the tree in the back, That’s the only true vertical line!)


My breakfast, fresh coffee and juice, a slice each of home make cranberry and a nut bead (still warm!) home made nut and granola cereal, fresh fruit topped with cottage cheese and fresh (real) butter. MMMMM


And an early AM sunrise, color enhanced, to show the sun without too much flare and show the suns disk more distinctly.


As far as I’m concerned, it’s a must stop overnighter on any trip along the Parkway. This was my third visit, but certainly not my last.

And a few from the rally itself (more to come)

I really enjoyed the story teller Sat. he was very animated.



and folks were grabbing chairs and reserving spots well ahead of the start of the bonfire which I found funny, though I didn't know about what they were waiting for untill he started talking and telling his stories, Ha Ha!


The rest that I have up so far are below

Georgia Mountain Rally

The first two shots on the intro page are pano's taken with the G9, after clicking on those first two images you click on the panorama button on the left side of the screen and it will bring up a window with a scroll button on the bottom to pan the image, or you can just click on the full size image buttom to the right and above.

Most of the shots right now are of the trip down and back along the Parkway and of one of the town I passed thru called Old Fort in NC. there are also some more from the Alpine Inn in Little Switzerland, NC, it has one of the best views of the Blue Ridge you are ever likely to find, see the Alpine Inn Panorama shot on the link above.

I'll post more of the rally itself soon.

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