K1200 Idle Fix

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K1200 Idle Fix

Postby jeffeaby » Fri Aug 21, 2015 1:33 pm

with 20K miles, the 2008 K1200GT started to not go back to idle when the throttle was backed off. scary when in traffic. The K-bike forums had a wealth of info on the cause and fix for this...allow me to elaborate. there is a valve in the airbox that allows a computer-controlled amount of air to be channeled to the throttle bodies, which determines the idle speed. If this valve sticks, the idle is erratic. BMW has refined the design of the airbox and the valve assembly 4 times since the new K bikes have been produced, trying to remedy the warping of the plastic parts due to high temps. They have not solved the obvious problem of the valve getting fouled-up due to the engine emissions (crankcase vent) that is placed next to the idle valve air input. The fix was to pull the fuel tank, then the airbox, and remove the idle valve assembly and clean it up...including 2000 grit honing and silicone lube. This is not something I look forward to doing the next time it occurs.

I really love this bike, but I've had to do the same sort of dis assembly when the ABS failed due to faulty pump brush design (replacement ABS was $ astronomical...so sent it off for $250 rebuild), & when the fuel pump assembly heavily leaked gas due to a cracked plastic flange (BMW did reimburse me the $550 for the new pump assembly). The O2 sensor had to be replaced at 18K miles (got the $200 BMW part for $50 on amazon), which needed some custom wiring. I'm just waiting for the fuel sensor to go out, although it's now got a 12 warranty. I like doing the work, but how about all those K1200 owners out there that are paying the shop to have this done? seems like BMW is engineering these things to fail.
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