Va State Trooper Incident

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Va State Trooper Incident

Postby relliott » Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:24 am

I wanted to share a story from my commute into DC last week that was extremely disturbing. Travelling northbound in the EZ Pass lanes there was a Trooper backed into the southbound Edsal Road exit (where it turns HOV3 only). There was a BMW 1000RR probably going 100mph behind me gaining quickly and I signaled that there was a cop but the RR blew by me. I didn't see the Trooper behind me right away so I figured maybe the Trooper was doing something and didn't catch the guy. Right by the Pentagon the Trooper blew by me with no lights/sirens going well over 100+ and cut in front of me, probably within 24 inches of my front tire. He caught the 1000RR and I would hate to see what kind of ticket he got....anyway I called the State Police and complained because of how close he got to me and pursuit without lights/sirens is very hazardous to public safety, which is against their agency's goal. The NOVA Trooper Captain told me that unfortunately Troopers do that because if a motorcycle is excessively speeding and they see the lights/sirens behind them that the motorcycle will run to evade and if they make it across the Potomac they can't pursue anymore. I share this with you all so that if you see a Trooper, be very mindful of your mirrors since they may engage in pursuit without lights/sirens to warn you of them coming up on you at a very high rate of speed.

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Re: Va State Trooper Incident

Postby JimVonBaden » Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:58 pm

Hi Rob,

Scary stuff.

Welcome to the forum!

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