Dec. 2016 Board Minutes

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Dec. 2016 Board Minutes

Postby dcgsrider » Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:26 pm

Club members,

Here are the approved minutes from the December 2016 Board of Directors Meeting.

I will post them here every month, and get them on the main page.


BMWBMW / December 2016 Board of Directors Meeting
Battley Cycles, Gaithersburg, Md.
Dec. 10, 2016

Kurtis Minder, Outgoing President
Bruce Dimon, President-Elect
Drew Alexander, Vice-President-Elect
Paul Wilson, Secretary-Elect
Karen Ager, Membership Chair

December Meeting Notes

Contact Kris Betz about the web hosting renewal. Host4Web hosts web site and our domain name. Up for renewal.

Redo the membership forms.

Ask Kris about continuing the webmaster role
Ask Chase about being treasurer. If no, ask Mike Potter and then Jim Howland.
Renew Domain name
Renew web Hosting
Book Oktoberfest - try for Sep30-Oct1
Update the club letters.


Elections committee: Jerry Skene, Gene Freund, and Ed Pfister.
Invite Jerry Skene, Gene Freund, and Ed Pfister to be elections committee formally in March.
Maria has some interest in rides committee/mileage awards/contests. Rides Chair.
Scott Keimig will be the tech chair. [Subsequent to the meeting Jim Bade became tech chair. (PAW)]
Govt. Chair - they are talking about adding lanes to 270 including HOT lanes.

Holiday Party (1/29/17)
Should send out a mailing to get most interest. Expensive and time-consuming.
Andy or Karen will send graphics to Drew for the mailing.
Scott Keimig will be the speaker.
Communicate the costs: coat check, tips, in addition to the meal.

Drop box
Kurtis will set up a drop box for us to share files. Andy has a full back up of the web site.
Get the admin password from Kris
Upgrade Drupal
Update PHP BB
Look into Slack

Andy will send me the info for the Tee Shirt info. The Fiver site worked well for us. Rally is set for June 2-4, 2017.

Charter Club
Paul will do these. If we are a DC non-profit, then DC needs paperwork filed. Paul has an LLC in the District. (PAW note: non-profit registration good through 2018)
Will have to renew the RA charter membership for the club.
Will have to renew the MOA charter membership for the club.

Can we put cards at the BMWMOA booth at the Motorcycle show?
Bryan Hunt is willing to be a treasurer. If not this year, then next.
Sunny suggested an event to communicate first responder telling us how to deal with a scene. Or we help them with their drills. Battleys did a first responder's day. Ed suggested motorcycle safety ad on trucks or signs at the fire stations.
Mark Richter will look into Maryland's proposal for HOT lanes and come back with a suggestion for a club response.

Adding the calendar example
An idea for an article for the web site: subscribing to the club calendar on an iPhone or an Android. Loading google calendar app works.

Membership Report

Karen reported the club currently has 363 members, representing 350 households.

Report of the Elections Committee

The slate of officers ran unopposed and were duly elected via ballots submitted by email and postal mail. The Treasurer position remains vacant, although there were write-in votes cast for Treasurer.
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