BMW R1200GS Low Miles - Adventure Ready!

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BMW R1200GS Low Miles - Adventure Ready!

Postby ela » Mon Jun 10, 2019 1:18 pm


2005 R1200GS ABS 39XXX Miles
$6000/OBO -20011 zip

Up for sale is my R1200GS, it is a garage queen (sad but true.)This bike has only seen street use (although it is set up for the trail) and its only seen rain while on tour. Along with the bike you are buying just about every possible upgrade for this machine. The Ohlins and Staintune make it better then new.
I purchased this bike from its original owner in November 2012 with 24000 miles on it. In seven years I’ve only put 15000 miles on it. For much of my ownership it has shared duty with other bikes in the fleet. I have documented every ride (a habit from having multiple bikes.) and never allowed the bike to sit. Maintenance has been done to BMW spec or before (usually before because of time and not mileage intervals.). I have all maintenance records from my ownership and many from the previous owner. ALL maintenance is current, including recalls. Maintenance done by Beemers Uber Alles in VA. The owner only works on BMW motorcycles and has been a certified BMW master mechanic for over 20 years, I’m happy to say I trust him implicitly. Recalls done by BOB’s BMW MD. The bike is just feeling broken in at 39K. It has most every possible upgrade and is in wonderful showroom like condition, I would ride it ANYWHERE tomorrow.

• 3 OEM BMW hard cases key matched
• Ohlins shocks and springs front and rear set for +/- 230lb. New springs (heavier) and full rebuild 7K miles ago.
• Staintune full headers and muffler and OEM baffle. (Beautiful and sounds amazing.)
• Michelin Pilot Road 4 -F/R new last year(10/18) less then 1.5K miles.
• Heated Grips -work amazing.
• ABS works perfectly.
• Battery 1.5 yrs old, charging system is great, run heated gear all day long.
• HID- Hi and Low Beams. I ride at night from work. With these and the AUX it is better then my car lights.
• Denali 2 aux lights. These are amazing and BRIGHT!
• Aux light mounts (beautiful and perfectly engineered now unobtainium.)
• 2 Ignition keys (matched to boxes.)
• BMW OEM Spoke wheels, spotless and true condition.
• BMW OEM skid plate.
• BMW OEM crashbars
• BMW OEM brush guards.
• BMW OEM plastic head covers.
• BMW OEM mud guard (possum scraper).
• Pivot Pegs (all my bikes get these, they are amazing). Also have OEM pegs
• Touratech Headlight Guard
• Touratech sidestand enlarger.
• Kildala oil cooler guard
• Throttle lock cruise control
• Small dart screen (Love this for clean air) Also BMW OEM screen in perfect condition.
• Custom Ohlin shock guard.
• USB charging port on the handlebars
• Battery tender pigtail
• Heated gear port/pigtail
• Admore wiring loom mounted for auxiliary rear brake/running/directional lights.
• Folder with all maintenance records and other items pertaining to bike.

Potential Niggles??
• 1) I had the two body plastics painted black from red. I don’t like red bikes. This was done professionally 7 years ago by my friend who owns a body shop, and they still look PERFECT (3 clear coats ). These panels are removed in 15 minutes should you want to paint them. These were NOT damaged, just wanted black.
• 2) Dash shows a headlight icon from the HID install. Dealer can and has reset this but it comes back on. I have never had ANY light issues through seven years of riding with this icon on, never bothered me. And the lights are at least 10 times better then stock.
• 3) Bump stop for the center stand was lost and I repaired it. Someone who wants a nicer aesthetic may want it changed. Function is perfect. (Close up photos in the photo folder.)

Photo Gallery ... -n8HjJhH/A

Here is a link to a gallery with close ups of everything described. Feel free to PM for a phone number and I am happy to discuss anything about the bike. Feel free to fly and ride to any of the 3 DMV airports and I’ll pick you up.
I’m unable to have a bike for work reasons over the next few years. BUT I will have an oil/air cooled (2004-2012) R1200GS again FOR SURE these are amazing machines.

Thanks for looking!!
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